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New online class

Since the beginning of Covid the more intrepid potters immediately took to teaching classes online through zoom, IGTV, YouTube, and a variety of other online video forums. I was personally so overwhelmed by everything that was happening, I couldn't begin to try to put together an online curriculum for students, even though people were asking for it right away. Every time I thought about it, I felt like I needed to lay down and take a nap.

I have a small group of very dedicated students, and they are not putting up with my napping anymore. It was for them that I put together small pilot program of online classes to test out the system and the effectiveness of teaching pottery online. To my surprise teaching pottery through zoom is not terrible, and is actually a pretty effective way to reach eager students at home. Students get a chance to share work, ask questions, get feedback, and then do the work. Pottery is one of those things where you can learn a few methods, and immediately apply them to making something without having to have a teacher watch your every move. It's mostly a solo pursuit, which is why learning online works pretty well.

If you are wanting to learn pottery but hesitant about trying an online pottery class, I can say pretty confidently that I think you will enjoy it and it's definitely worth a try. Our first online open registration class is up on the website now, class starts October 7th, so sign up now!

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