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Vallejo Clay Workshop is dedicated to providing a safe creative space for people excited to create with clay. Our goal is to give students a solid foundation of clay knowledge and skills while creating an enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere for making pottery.

Featured class: Salt Pig

We love saying the word "salt pig" but a lot of people don't know what this incredibly useful and underrated item a salt pig is!


A salt pig is a vessel that keeps your salt protected and within easy reach. The ceramic helps to manage humidity --no more clumpy salt!-- while the cavernous mouth allows cooks to reach in and grab a generous pinch. No need to fuss with salt boxes, bags, grinders, or silly little shakers that don't give you salt quickly enough while you’re trying to prepare something delicious.

Salt pigs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the general concept is the same: A salt pig should be large enough to hold a useful amount of salt, heavy enough to withstand the bump and grind of a typical kitchen, and offer an opening of a suitable size for one-handed access.

No, we have no idea why it is called a salt pig, we just love the name. And yes, you can make your salt pig look like a pig if you wish. A salt pig is the perfect gift for the serious home cook or aspiring chef.