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Saturday, June 15, 10 to 4 PM with a 1 hour lunch break


Our pots deserve a beautiful surface! This ceramic workshop explores Whitney's favorite approach to surface design on ceramics, using underglazes and slips to achieve colorful and visually stunning one-of-a-kind surfaces while deploying sgraffito and mishima for a contrasting tactile depth that can really make your painted surfaces pop. This is a wonderful decorating technique to have in your toolkit for ceramic artists of all kinds who want to create detailed, painterly, and/or drawn surfaces without having to struggle with standard colored glazes that flux and blend in unpredictable ways.


In this workshop we will practice applying slips and underglaze to pottery and carving simple designs to create a contrasting visual and tactile surface. We will then dive in deeper and learn to take your line drawings, whether they are simple graphics or complex illustrations, and transfer them onto a clay surface and then carve away or inlay it with colored underglaze to create a beautiful design. The result is a visually striking effect where the inlaid underglaze can create intricate patterns or images on the ceramic surface. Not confident with your drawing technique? Don't worry! This workshop will provide everyone with resources to practice with so you don't get stuck at this stage.


The workshop will provide you with a leather hard tile to practice on. Bring at least 3 leather hard pieces, any flat or rounded surfaces will work. White clay is best for mishima but we can work with any type of clay. Additional tiles can be provided if you are not able to bring your own.

Ceramic Workshop: Mishima and Sgraffito 101

  • What to bring

    • 3-5 leather hard pieces, any rounded or flat surface will work.
    • Pin tool
    • Your favorite sgrafitto carving tool. My favorite will also be provided 
    • Your favorite underglazes or slip, we will also have some on hand for the workshop
  • Instructor

    Whitney Smith

  • Refund and cancellation policy

    Workshops require a 5 day notice for a refund. 

    For workshops with a waitlist, we will refund you up to 24 hours before class if we can fill your spot, but this is not guaranteed.In this case there will be a 15% cancellation fee to cover our time.
    If you have questions about our cancellation policy please email us before signing up.

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