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Come join us for a week of immersive experiences in hand building, sculpting, and exploring the potter's wheel! Our weeklong clay camp designed for teens offers an extensive exploration of the fundamental techniques in the craft of clay. Participants will delve into various skills including pinch potting, coil building, slab formation, sculpting, and experimenting with the potter's wheel. With five full days dedicated to hands-on learning, our student campers will gain a solid grasp of clay making basics, supported by guidance from experienced professional potters.


Item made by campers will be glazed, fired and ready for pickup 3-4 weeks after the session ends.


Summer Camp for Teens

  • Date and Time

    June 17-21, 2024

    Class is 12  to 4 PM with a snack break. Snack will be provided and campers can also bring their own.



  • Camp is open to people 12-17 years old.


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