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Upcoming  summer dates, Clay Club meets from 1-4 PM:

June 30

July 14

July 28

August 11

August 25

More dates will be added for the fall at the end of summer.


Join the Clay Club, where pottery lovers of all skill levels come together every other Sunday to enjoy some pottery making together. Our club is more than just a creative outlet; it is a space for information exchange, mutual support, and fostering meaningful connections through the art of pottery making.


What Clay Club offers:


  • Pottery Making: Clay Club provides a welcoming environment for you to create and explore the possibilities of clay. Bring your own tools or use the ones available at our studio.


  • Information Exchange: Let's have fun conversations and share tips, techniques, and ideas with fellow pottery lovers! Our club thrives on the collective knowledge and experiences of our members.


  • Supportive Community: Receive and offer support and encouragement as we navigate the joys and challenges of pottery making together. Pottery is about problem solving and figuring out how to make that next piece-- let's help each other with the process!


  • Connections: Build lasting relationships with people who share your passion for pottery. Our Clay Club are a great opportunity to network and make new friends.


Clay and Storage Policy: Participants have the option to purchase clay directly from the club at a reasonable price. However, please note that we do not offer storage for your clay or pieces at the studio. We recommend bringing your own containers or bags to transport your creations safely home.


Yes, bring your own clay, but if you want to fire it in our kilns it must be okayed by a staff member and be cone 5 clay.


Glaze and Firing: Your finished pieces can be glazed and fired at Vallejo Clay. Please note that this is only for pieces you have made at Vallejo Clay. Firing fees are an extra charge.


Bisque firing: $0.15 Per ounce

Glaze firing: $0.18 per ounce


In addition, there is a surcharge for larger pieces at the following rate:

8” up to 11” on any side: $2.50

Up to 15”: $5.00

Up to 17”: $7.50 (subject to approval)

Clay Club

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